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LSS Main Functions/Entities


Entry is a record of supplies or items sent from one sender to one recipient, arriving at the same time and via the same mode of transport. The items may have been received on consignment to another location, or to this location, as a result of a purchase, or as a result of a donation from an external source. An entry may also have been transferred from another warehouse location.


Deliveries are shipments of items from stock and/or consignments to a specified location.


Pipeline is a list of items from the database that are pledged, promised, expected, or available to the warehouse or LSS location.


A site can enter requests it receives from others for items that are needed. This information can then be used for planning and allocating the distribution of goods to those areas most in need.

Stock Basket

The stock basket allows you to group items together for reporting purposes. You can select to report on a specific group of items without having to individually select the items each time the report is run.


The systems can export or import information between LSS sites, as well as incorporate information on stock or pipeline from external systems, likes CTS- Commodity tracking systems used by the UN agencies and mayor Ngo’s.

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